Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moving. Again.

That's right, folks. The Nichols family is doing what we do best - moving. Why, you ask? Well, for a few reasons.

First of all, Sean's commute is just too much for either of us to handle. He spends almost 2 hours every day commuting, and not only is it wasting his time, but it's wasting a ridiculous amount of money. We thought we could handle it, but we just can't. Between his frustration with being in the car so much and my crazy pregnancy emotions, it'd just be better for everyone if we lived closer to Sean's work again.

Secondly, we have a lot of connections in Utah County that we're just not willing to part with. I have an amazing OB/GYN in Provo that I just can't part ways with, and on top of that Taylor has a great pediatrician just around the corner from my doctor. The plan was to find new doctors once we moved up to Salt Lake, but none compare with our doctors.

Another reason we're moving back is because we're having a hard time dealing with our neighbors here. I won't go into too much detail about it, but I'll just say that we can't go another month dealing with an out-of-control teenager and a house full of second-hand cigarette smoke.

I feel kind of silly moving again, especially since we're moving back to the same area we left (in a place owned by our previous landlord, nonetheless), but I just have to think back to when Sean and I were debating moving up here in the first place. We told each other that if this didn't work, we could just move back; that's the beauty of renting! Well, it didn't work. So we're moving back.

I'll miss a lot about living in Salt Lake. It was nice to be closer to family and Sean and I really love the area we're in right now. It's been great to be in walking distance to Liberty Park and to be closer to a lot of the shops and restaurants we love. Unfortunately though, the cons outweigh the pros and we both know we'll be happier back in Orem.

We'll be moving in less than two weeks and I'm excited to move, but not excited for the actual moving part. My home is once again full of boxes, and I spend every waking hour thinking about all the things that need to be done. The hardest part about this particular move is that I'm just barely out of my first trimester and still suffering through a fair amount of nausea most days. I'm hoping that at least by the time we move I will feel better so I can unpack without feeling queasy.

This will be our (gulp) ninth move in almost eight years, which neither of us is proud of. However, the plan is to buy our first house in the spring or summer of next year, and hopefully that will keep us anchored in one place for a while. With Taylor starting school in a couple of years and our next baby on the way we know it's definitely time that we settle down soon.

Plus, I'm really sick of packing.


Alex Getts said...

Let's all get together before you guys take off, if possible?

Lindz said...

Well, I am happy you are moving back. if you need help unpacking just call, I would be more than happy to help and the boys could play!!! Call me.

Nicole said...

good luck with everything--i need to call you soon!! We will be in utah beginning of July!!! i wish i could be there in Orem to help you unpack and better yet, be your new neighbor!! I don't have a teenager and i don't smoke--so we know it would work out! ;-)