Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doba Day 2010

As I hinted about in this post, Sean wanted to dress as Doba Wonka this year. I wanted to make him an amazing Willy Wonka costume and decorate his office as a chocolate shop.

We found an overcoat at Deseret Industries that fit Sean pretty well and I was able to tailor it to fit him perfectly. Then I bought several yards of crushed purple velvet to sew over the coat. It was incredibly time-consuming and I had a few emotional meltdowns while putting it all together, but I think it turned out great in the end. I made him a gold bow tie and striped vest to match and he took an old pool stick and turned it into a cane. We added to that a top hat with a band that matched his vest, some black slacks and dress shoes, and he made a perfect Willy Wonka.

To transform his office into a chocolate shop, we started with yards and yards and yards of pink and blue striped fabric that I got for super cheap at Walmart. We used it to drape around his office to form faux walls. We then decorated the walls and ceiling with colored cellophane, pink bubble wrap, balloons wrapped in clear cellophane to look like huge pieces of wrapped candy, and the over-sized Wonka bar I made. On one side of his office we had a shelf for "Fizzy Lifting Drinks" (a.k.a. Martinelli's sparkling cider).

On the opposite wall we hung candy dots that I made from scratch that spelled out "Doba Day 2010." We calculated that there were over 5,800 dots, which makes me feel equally proud and crazy.

On his desk we set up a chocolate fountain and a spread of food to dip in the chocolate.

The TV on his wall played the Chocolate Room scene from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and to top it off we filled the floor of his office with balloons. Outside his office we hung a large "Wonka" sign and had a bubble machine (thanks Christine!) blowing cherry-scented bubbles into the hallway. His office was definitely one of the most popular on Doba Day and Sean had fun playing Wonka for the day.

Here are some of the other costumes and decorations I loved.

Jake, the Doba Naughty Hottie:

Jer, the Doba Dude (he seriously looked JUST like the Dude on "The Big Lebowski"):

Angie's candy store set up, before it opened to the public:

The Doba Three Dot Circus:

Jared, the Doba Gras:

Rachelle, the Ringmaster:

Wes, the Doba Leprechaun:

Whitley, the Bearded Lady:

Josh and Cody, the missionaries from the Church of Jeremy Hanks of Doba Day Saints:

It was a fantastic day! Sean and I love Doba Day and are already making plans for next year!


Lindz said...

You are AMAZING!!!!! really!

Dishesdone said...

Looks fabulous! What a fun time! And I really can't believe you made almost 6,000 candy dots. I only managed a couple strips and gave up, LOL! Yours came out fantastic!