Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween Tay Bug decided he wanted to be a dinosaur. He loved his costume and would stomp around the house and roar every time I put it on him.

Isn't he the cutest t-rex ever?

I love the tail.

On Friday we went to my mom's work to trick-or-treat to all her co-workers. Taylor got so much loot there and everyone loved his cute costume. Later that night we went to a Halloween party hosted by my Uncle Doug and Aunt Leanne. It was so great to see my extended family and all the cute kids and adults in costume.

Saturday we took Taylor trick-or-treating at Macey's grocery store by our house. They had a live band there and Taylor thought it was so cool to get treats at all the different departments in the store. Afterward we went to Harmon's grocery store to find a pumpkin to carve (yep, we waited until the very last minute).

Daddy loved showing Taylor how to carve a pumpkin.

Sean also had to do the icky job of gutting it. Pumpkin guts gross me out anyway, but because I'm pregnant I literally couldn't even stay in the room while he took the pulp and seeds out. It made me so woozy.

My goofy kid:

After the gross part was done I carved out the face. Taylor was a little confused as to why I was cutting the pumpkins eyes and mouth out, but he finally understood after it was done and we put a light in it.

Since Taylor didn't really get to help much in carving the big pumpkin, I got out some little pumpkins I was using for decoration and let him draw faces on them. He thought it was so neat.

Proud of his little pumpkin family:

Daddy and Mommy's pumpkins:

Later we went to my Uncle Bubba and Aunt Holly's house to help get their girls ready for trick-or-treating. Taylor and Laura made pizza mummies (with some help from the men) while I did Marie's hair and makeup. I'm very proud of her hairdo. I came up with a way to pin it up to look like the bride of Frankenstein without having to use a wig. Yep, that's all her real hair. Oh, and I did her makeup too. Doesn't she look great?

This was actually the third time I'd styled her hair this way; I did it once on Thursday night to practice, then again early Friday morning before school. Here's a gorgeous (insert sarcasm) picture of me pinning her hair up in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Laura was a queen this year. I helped tailor both girls' dresses to fit them better and made the cloak for Laura. She was so happy in her "royal costume."

Once all the kiddos were ready we braved the rain to go out trick-or-treating with my aunt's brother Michael and his kids. Here's a little clip of the first house we went to:

Taylor only lasted a few blocks before his little legs just wouldn't work anymore. I thought maybe he was just being whiny, but he was almost asleep by the time we got back home. It was so sad to see him struggle to stay awake because he wanted to keep trick-or-treating, but he was just too tired. On our way home he kept saying that all he wanted was two pieces of candy, two stories, and his soft blankie, and then he would go to sleep. When we got home he found his blanket, picked it up and snuggled it, and said, "Oh sweetie! I missed you so much!" It was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

After Tay went to bed Sean and I curled up on the sofa with some hot chocolate and candy and watched the Halloween episodes of "The Office," "Outsourced," and "Community."

Oh, and here was my Halloween costume. A little morbid, but I think it fits my sense of humor:

It was a great Halloween and part of me is sad it's over. The other part of me can't wait to take down all the decorations tomorrow and move on to the next holiday.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Cathy Brooksby said...

I love your shirt. The year I was prego with James, my belly was a baseball. I like yours better. but not enough to be pregnant again. :)

Leanne said...

Thanks for coming to the party. It was fun to see everyone dressed up.

Nicole said...

What a cute dino!!! and i love your shirt! i always thought it would be fun to be really showing when preggers. both times i was 2months along and 10 days glad you guys had a great halloween!!!