Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tay's Bedroom Makeover

One of the things on our long list of projects to accomplish before Oliver comes was to get Taylor into a twin-size bed. This was for two reasons: 1) His feet were sticking off the end of his toddler bed, and 2) we needed his mattress for the crib.

What started out as simply buying Taylor a new bed frame and mattress turned into a full-fledged bedroom makeover. Here are some of the projects I worked on to finish his room.

The first thing I tackled were the drapes. We had a set of sun-blocking panels that worked really well for keeping his room dark during naps and bedtime, but they were a boring beige that I just couldn't live with anymore. As I went through the box I had packed from my cousin's baby shower last month I found the tablecloth and table runner I used and thought they would work great for drapes. I ended up sewing the fabric over the existing panels so that light from outside would still be blocked when they were closed.

The colors of the drapes ended up being my jumping-off point for the other things I made for his room. My mom bought Taylor a Fjellse bed frame from Ikea a while back and I wanted to paint it red. Red is Tay's favorite color and I thought it would go well with the drapes. It took me about three days to finish the bed frame and I love the way it turned out. I made the quilt on his bed from a cute duvet cover (also from Ikea) and some batting. I seam-ripped the duvet and sewed it back together with a layer of batting in the middle, then tied the quilt with coordinating yarn.

I had an idea for an inexpensive art project using card stock and leftover fabric from the drapes. I cut 15 squares from the cardboard box the bed frame came in and wrapped each one in either fabric or a piece of card stock. Once all the squares were done I attached them to the wall with poster putty in a grid. It was a great solution for filling a big blank wall without spending a ton of money.

I really liked the "It's a Boy" banner I made last month at Aimee's baby shower and thought it would be cute to reuse some of the materials to make a banner for Tay's room. I had most of the letters already and only had to make an "L" and an "R." I attached the flags to red bias tape and hung the banner over his bed.

I love the way Taylor's room turned out and think it looks so cute (aside from that cardboard box rocket ship in the corner, but I don't think he'll part with that any time soon). Taylor looks so tiny in his big boy bed, but he sure loves it.

Now that Tay's room is done, I'll be working on our bedroom to get ready for the baby. I already have most everything set up, but there are a few more projects I'm working on before it's finished. As soon as it's done I'll post some pictures.


Nicole said...

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!! you are the most creative person ever! i am amazed at all the awesome projects you do that are so easy on the wallet! such a cute room!!!

Leanne said...

Taylor's room looks so cute. You did a great job! Love the curtains!