Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playing with dough

Tay and I were bored yesterday and decided to break out the playdough. Here are a few of our creations.

Mommy's kooky monster:

Taylor building a snowman:

Notice the awesome cowlick he's rocking:

Mommy's snowman, complete with dreads. Her day look:

And evening look:

Taylor making all the planets (the sun, moon, Earth, Mars, and Mexico. Yes, he's convinced that Mexico is a planet.):

Pizzas for Tay and Grandma:

I think today I'll make some homemade playdough so we've got more colors to choose from. Gotta start stocking up on indoor activities for the winter. :)


Lindz said...

Ya not looking forward to all the indoor activities. Love your playdough skills!

Nicole said...

I love it--the evening look for your creation was quite sassy! ;-) where does one pick up such fab play-dough skills? you should teach a class! ;-)