Friday, February 8, 2008

Going, going, GONE!

Sean has had serious issues lately with... well... shedding. Yesterday he rubbed his face while he was sitting at his computer at work, only to end up with a hand (and a keyboard) full of hair. Since it doesn't hurt to pull the hair out of his face and head, he came up with a creative way to remove it: duct tape! It was incredible how easily the tape pulled out all of his facial hair - it was the easiest, closest shave he's ever had! Then when he was done he of course couldn't stop there, so it was on to his head... literally. Since his head was buzzed it was a bit harder to get the hair to pull out, but he did succeed in making "train tracks" down the middle of his head. Since he looked absolutely ridiculous like that, we decided to just go ahead and shave his head. Sean has never shaved with a razor, so I broke out my pink Venus razor and Skintimate strawberry tangerine shaving cream (so manly!) and went at it. Sean's hair is really thick, so it took us almost an hour to do, but he is officially Baldy McGee. Since the duct tape pulled out his hair from the root, you can still kinda see the "tracks" down the middle of his head, but it'll go away after a few days when the rest of the roots fall out.

He thinks he looks silly, but I love my Mr. Clean. ;)

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Christine P said...

ouh ouh! You have a cute Mr. Clean husband there Annie! Some men can't pull it off but let Sean know he can. ;-)