Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Six things to be thankful for

On one of my message boards on BabyCenter.com we have a ritual every Monday morning where we post 6 things we're thankful for. I think it helps everyone get through the Monday slump and really helps us all to focus on the good things in our lives.

I've been feeling very blessed lately, and thought that I'd post my list for the week:

1. I'm so thankful for the beautiful funeral that was given for our beloved prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, and I'm thankful for our newly appointed president Thomas S. Monson and his two counselors Henry B. Eyring and Dieter F. Uchdorf.

2. Sean is almost one third of the way through his chemo treatments and I'm so thankful that the time is passing quickly and that we'll get back to normal life soon.

3. As an early Valentines Day gift, Sean is taking me to see Riverdance on Friday night and I'm SOOOO excited!!!

4. Sean and I are hoping to buy our own house or condo by this time next year.

5. My aunt gave me the book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" and it's helping me so much to get Taylor to sleep better at night and take longer naps during the day.

The Giants won the Superbowl!!! Man that was an awesome game.

There's my list for the week! I think everyone should do this! :)

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