Thursday, May 19, 2011

Food Dehydrator

For Mother's Day this year my mom gave me a Nesco food dehydrator (yeah you read that right. My MOM gave ME a Mother's Day gift. She's amazing). I've had it on my Amazon Wish List for a while and I've always wanted a dehydrator to dry fruits and make my own fruit rolls and spices.

I finally had some spare time a couple of days ago and decided to try making some dried pineapple since it's one of my favorite treats. It was so simple to slice up the pineapple, put the pieces on the dehydrator trays, and plug it in. It took about 18 hours to finish, and though the pineapple that came out of the machine wasn't anything like the dried fruit I'm used to buying in the store, it tasted AMAZING!

The thing I love the most about it - I didn't add any sugars or preservatives. It's just plain, delicious pineapple without any of the extra "stuff." Next on the agenda I'll try my hand at making craisins and grapes. I'd also like to dry tomatoes to make my own tomato paste, sauce, and soup. So much fun!


Amy Jo said...

I am pretty sure I have that same food dehydrator! Awesome!

Nicole said...