Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring gardening

When we moved into our townhome last year it was a little late in the season to plant anything. I did plant some wildflower seeds and a few pepper plants, but I was only able to see a few tiny flowers and a few tiny vegetables before the first frost came in and killed everything.

This year I decided I'd make sure to plant seeds early enough, so a couple of weeks ago Tay and I got out the shovels, rakes, and watering cans and went to work. I tilled up our entire garden area and dug out any weeds and large rocks. Then we decided where we wanted which flowers; We've got a couple areas for wildflowers, a patch for sunflowers, and some space for veggies and herbs. Most of our vegetable plants are still inside until they get a little bigger. Taylor is particularly proud of his green bell pepper plant.

There's something amazing about watching something that you planted grow from a tiny seed into a plant. I love peeking outside every morning to see more little seedlings popping up from the soil.

Hopefully come fall we'll have some beautiful wildflowers and yummy vegetables!

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