Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grandma's Little Cowboy

On Sunday we took the boys to my mother-in-law's horse property in South Jordan. Taylor was a bit intimidated by the horses, and he'd say he wanted to sit on one but then would change his mind once he actually got close to it. What he loved way more than the horses were the baby cows the owner of the property had. They were so tiny and cute!

And speaking of tiny and cute, check out my little cowboy. I just wanna squeeze him!

We'll probably go back to see the horses more this summer, and maybe by the end of the season Taylor will work up the courage to actually sit on one.

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Nicole said...

so sweet! We are excited to see your cute cowboy and his sidekick this summer! And of course their parents too! ;-) i noticed the baby backpack/carrier in the pic-looks like you are enjoying it!!! :-)