Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An afternoon at the park

Yesterday afternoon my Aunt Holly and her two girls - Marie (9) and Laura (3) - came over and we all walked down to the memorial park by my house to play. Taylor was pretty well-behaved once we got him out of the stroller. He loved watching the girls play and seemed fascinated by the swings.

Laura was a hoot. She would run up to us and say, "Wanna watch me go down the swide?" and then she'd run off and go down the slide. She also thought it was really funny when other kids would go down the slide. I pushed her on the swings while Aunt Holly held Taylor and we pretended she was in a rocket ship. She said she was floating in outer space with her space helmet and boots. Then when she got out of the swing Aunt Holly asked her about going on the rocket ship and she said, "No mommy, it's not a rocket ship. It's just a swing." Aunt Holly and I hung out on the grass while we watched Laura "wun awound" and watched Marie climb trees. That girl is a little monkey!

Toward the end of our day at the park Taylor had a diaper explosion which resulted in me having to not only change his diaper, but all of his clothes too. He thought it was pretty fun to lay on the grass with no clothes on though.

We had a really fun time and I'm so proud of Aunt Holly and I for actually getting together and doing something with the kids.

I wish I had pictures to share, but I very uncharacteristically left the camera at home. Oh well, can't be on the ball all the time.

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