Monday, October 29, 2007

Hungry hungry hippo

Taylor has been a lot better lately with eating his rice cereal. I think he was just too young to start solids before and most of it ended up on his face and bib instead of in his tummy. Now he eats like a ravenous little monkey and it's HILARIOUS. He'll take a bite, swallow, and immediately opens his mouth and sticks out his little tongue to tell me he wants another bite. He especially likes it now that I add diluted apple juice to it instead of just water.

He typically eats in the afternoon after I've had lunch, so Sean only gets to see him eat on the weekends. He was amazed at how good he's eating now and took this video on Saturday:

I can't wait until he hits 6 months and we can start giving him other baby foods. I'm going to attempt to take a picture of his first bite of each of the different foods we give him and post them on here. That won't be until around Thanksgiving though, which actually isn't too far away. Crazy...

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