Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My little Billy Idol fan

In the opening scene of the movie Flushed Away, Roddy the rat dances around his house to the song "Dancin' With Myself" by Billy Idol. We were watching it a couple of weeks ago just before Sean took Taylor up to his work to pick up a few things. As soon as Sean got him strapped into his car seat, Tay immediately pointed to Sean's iPod and said, "Daddy, dancin'? Oh oh oh oh?" Sean put on "Dancin' With Myself" and Tay immediately started dancing and singing along. Since then, almost every time we get in the car he asks us to play that song, and when it's over he very nicely asks, "Again?"

Now if I can just get him to pull his upper lip up into that infamous Idol sneer.

1 comment:

Annalee said...

thats cute. I'm sad your neon is gone, thats how I could identify you. your car.